Dalit Schools: Ground Breaking Features

First Class Education: OMCC offers the highest quality English-medium schools registered with the local State government. These are not literacy programs, but full- fledged schools with the required infrastructure of land, building, playground, library, etc. OMCC Schools run Pre-K through Grade Ten.

Equality in Enrollment: Since the schools are located in predominantly Dalit / Backward Caste areas, the majority of students enrolled are from the Dalit / Backward Caste population. There is no discrimination in the admission process. Our policy follows the demographics of the area ensuring that the majority of admissions (over 80%) go to the Dalits / Backward Castes. A minority of upper caste students are also allowed enrollment. Today there are close to 10,000 students in our schools. OMCC is overwhelmed by the requests for schools coming from all over India because of the empowering experience the Dalit / Backward Caste communities encounter in these Centers.

National and Cultural Allegiance: OMCC believes the Indian nation is achieving its present greatness because of the free democratic traditions given to us by Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar. OMCC is fully committed to these glorious traditions and strives to educate Dalit children to play their role in building a great Indian nation. OMCC also believes the Dalit culture and tradition has been trampled upon for thousands of years. We are committed to the affirmation of the culture of the Dalits / Backward Castes.

Affordable Fees and Scholarships: Fee structures are equivalent to the paying capacity of the students.The schools run through the sponsorship of individual students by partners from India and around the world. Indians, Singaporeans, Australians, Latin Americans, South Africans, North Americans and Europeans sponsor Dalit children.

Science and Technology Emphasis: Heavy emphasis is given to science and technology. Computer education begins in Grade One so a new generation of computer literate Dalit- Bahujans emerge from the schools. Students dream of becoming engineers, doctors, industrialists and the leaders of the future.

Dignity-Based Worldview: OMCC believes everyone is created equal in the image of God and that the classroom is the best place to inculcate human equality and the dignity of every human being - male or female. Caste discrimination is not tolerated in the schools. Dalit children have opportunity to become class presidents, activity leaders and captains of sports teams. The midday meals (served where needed) ensure that students from all castes learn to eat together. A new course on dignity of labor is being introduced into the schools, eliminating the notion of pure and impure professions, the basis of caste ideology. OMCC believes in true humanism.


Our aim

OMCC is moving towards the goal of 1,000 Dalit Education and Emancipation Centers. OMCC works with the Dalit Freedom Network as well as other partners to accomplish this strategic goal.

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