Community Empowerment Programs

As all of the OMCC schools are located among poor and deprived sections of Indian society, OMCC realizes that without an accompanying socio-economic development program in the community, our schools cannot become self-sustaining in the near future. Therefore OMCC also engages in the following programs:

Economic Self-Help Groups: OMCC is especially concerned for the Dalit / Backward Caste women who are the primary victims of oppression in India. Previously, to obtain capital for business investment, many Dalits were forced to borrow from high-interest money lenders or save for decades only to have their nestegg depleted in times of family crisis. Therefore, women's micro-finance self-help groups have been established in hundreds of villages around the schools. Each school has staff especially appointed to take care of this economic development and empowerment program. Women in these self-help groups are also given training in public health, human rights and other subjects relevant to their lives.

Community Health Training: Given the high mortality rate among the Dalits / Backward Caste people and the rise in AIDS among them, community health programs have become a critical component of this overall development and empowerment venture. Local village health workers from the areas in which the schools are located are trained and appointed to meet a variety of basic health needs.

Computer Education: OMCC provides subsidized computer education for teenagers and adult students who have not had prior education. In each school, community computer training courses are held regularly and in batches on the school campus.

Vocational Training: A variety of short- term vocational training programs are going on ranging from tailoring to driving to carpentry to mechanics. This increases local income significantly.


Our aim

OMCC is moving towards the goal of 1,000 Dalit Education and Emancipation Centers. OMCC works with the Dalit Freedom Network as well as other partners to accomplish this strategic goal.

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