Omcc Seeking Dalit Transformation

The Dalit people of India are victims of centuries-long, socially-sanctioned bigotry. The Dalits, numbering 250 million, are those the Hindu caste system designates as "low" or "backward" caste. Because of their low social standing, affluent parts of society deny Dalits basic human rights. As a result of this discrimination, Dalits suffer socially, spiritually and economically.

Unable to access education, and because of the social stigma of "untouchability", society forces Dalits to take low-paying jobs. They cannot afford food, clothing, shelter, medical care, or even an education for their children. Dalits are denied access to water, their women and children are raped, and 85% of all bonded laborers in India are Dalits. The majority of Dalits live on less than one dollar per day. Society denies Dalits basic human rights and shackles Dalits to a social and religious system that removes personal freedom and human dignity.

Unwilling to sit idly by any longer, Dalit leader- ship invited a select group of other trusted Indian minorities (i.e., Christians, Buddhists, etc.) to give their children an English-based education in a worldview based on the principles of human dignity, self-worth and equality. Operation Mercy Charitable Company was created to meet this need for Dalit Education.

Dalits insist that the best way to change lives, achieve measurable results in their community, and escape their plight of oppression is education. They want education that serves the whole person and includes community and spiritual development. The invitation to educate Dalit children was enthusiastically accepted, and minorities around the nation of India pledged their solidarity with the Dalits. The result? A phenomenal and holistic transformation of the Dalit people of India. Dalit lives will be changed forever.


Our aim

OMCC is moving towards the goal of 1,000 Dalit Education and Emancipation Centers. OMCC works with the Dalit Freedom Network as well as other partners to accomplish this strategic goal.

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